UU Game Booster in OpenWrt Docker

UU Game Booster in OpenWrt Docker

The Xbox is a great console, but its experience suffers when I bring it back to China. Fortunately I have a UU Game Booster free pass and it do support boosting console. However, there are limited official options available for the console:

None of these options are ideal for me. I already have a powerful 24/7 online NAS running Linux. So, I wondered if it was possible to deploy the UU Game Booster (router version) on my NAS and boost my Xbox.

The answer is yes! Although the router version of the UU Game Booster is only shipped with some specified routers, it's designed to work on any x86 OpenWrt router. Creating a VM on my NAS and running an OpenWrt solves my problem. But, running OpenWrt on a docker container would be even better with less overhead and resource consumption!

Note: privileged mode and bridge network are required in this case.

Use macvlan to create a docker network bridged with the host network. DO NOT copy my command directly, use your LAN network's subnet and gateway.

docker network create -d macvlan --subnet= --gateway= -o parent=qvs0 bridge-host

Create a docker container that is attached to this network. DianQK/uuplugin is a docker image with a built-in UU Game Booster. It will set up all firewalls and pull the latest version UU Game Booster binary.

DO NOT copy the MAC address in the following docker-compose file. Generate a random one for yourself. UU Game Booster will generate a device ID using the LAN MAC address.

version: "3"
image: dianqk/uuplugin
privileged: true
mac_address: "8a:44:a2:45:d2:4a" # DO NOT COPY
restart: unless-stopped
external: true

Now, you can enjoy games like a normal player in any other country around the world.

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